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What's the Challenge For Two?

Crossing the finish line under the unique scenery of Regensburg Cathedral only once. Having goose bumps at the swim start, on the bike and on the run course only once. All those experiences will now be possible for those who do not dare to complete a long distance race yet or who just prefer a team experience and a half distance race.

CF-Fot-Two-mit-Icon-RGBWithin the new team format CHALLENGEFORTWO, two athletes will divide swim, bike and run distances of Challenge Regensburg equally. “Half the distance, the whole Challenge,” is the motto of the new format which will take place on August 12th 2018 for the first time. Unlike conventional relay formats in which three athletes each pick one discipline, everyone can experience the fascinating atmosphere of all disciplines over the 1.9 km swim, 90 km cycle and 21.2 km run, At the end of the day, each athlete will have a middle distance race under the belt, and yet remember the entire experience.

Why racing the Challenge For Two?

  • racing the beautiful course, experiencing motivating atmosphere and the unique finish of Challenge Regensburg
  • testing the planned new and fast bike course
  • experiencing a fantastic team event

Maximum participants

The number of CHALLENGEFORTWO relays is limited to 300 pairs.

Entry fees

To race the Challenge For Two an athlete has to be older than 18 years.

How it works

Two athletes will divide swim, bike and run distances of Challenge Regensburg equally. The athlete who starts will always race the first half of the course and then give over to the second athlete.



Challenge For Two teams will race the same course as Challenge Regensburg solo athletes. Challenge For Two Teams will start in a separate wave. Every team member will race the 1,9km swim, 90km bike und 21,1km run. The team transition areas will be at

  • (athlete 1 to 2) at the point of the Australian exit
  • (athlete 2 to 1) in T1
  • (athlete 1 to 2) via mika:timing signal
  • (athlete 2 to 1) in T2
  • (athlete 1 to 2) in T2 after 2 loops

A team meeting point will be established before the entrance of the finish line, so the teams can meet and cross the finish line together.

The course

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-23 um 14.01.45

Swim – 2x 1,9 km at Lake Guggenberger

- Athlete 1 (white swim cap): red loop
– Handover: at the Australian Exit
– Athlete 2 (black swim cap): violet loop








Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-23 um 14.04.18

Bike – 2x 90 km at Regensburg region

- Athlete 1 cycles until Moosham ant takes the pink markes shortcut to Hellkofen. That’s when he’s back on the regular loop and finishes it at Dultplatz, Regensburg.

- Athlete 2 waits at Lake Guggenberger and starts when he get’s the signal his partner has arrived at Dultplatz. He cycles the same loop as athlete 1.





Laufstrecke_Stand_2017_Okt_webRun – 2x 21,1 km at Regensburg

- Athlete 1 runs two loops.
– Handover at Dultplatz, Regensburg
– Athlete 2 runs two loops and continues running to “Haus Heuport” (marked with a blue point). There he meets athlete 1 to finish together.




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