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Media partnerships


Radio Charivari

Radio Charivari is a regional radio station for Regensburg, Schwandorf, Cham, Kelheim und Neumarkt. The program features oldies, pop music and current charts music. Besides, service information, news and up-to-the-minute topics providing all the information you’ll need.

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MZMittelbayerische Newspaper

Distribution are of the Mittelbayerische covers almost the whole Oberpfalz region and parts of the Niederbayern region. 13 local redactions reporting from Regensburg, Amberg, Bad Kötzting, Cham, Kelheim, Neumarkt, Schwandorf – and the world. MZ reaches around 500.000 readers a day.

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City Tour Regensburg GmbH

Experience a city tour through the old town of Regensburg and let yourself get fascinated by the unique history of Regensburg. Our partner offers a tour full of attractions, and interesting information about the UNESCO World Heritage city. Experience Regensburg!

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Welcome to Regensburg! Find your perfect hotel quickly and systematically among our 34 favorites and book directly for the Best-House Price. You’ll definitely find the perfect accommodation for your race week at Regensburg here.

• find from low-budget hotel up to 4-star hotel
• breakfast buffet and free WiFi
• Race-Day-Breakfast
• Top-Save-Bicycle

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Partner Clubs

VCRVeloclub Ratisbona

Velo Club Ratisbona, with over 500 members, is one of the largest cycling clubs in Bavaria. Even the name shows how deeply rooted the Club is in the region: “Ratisbona” is the Celtic name for Regensburg. Here, everything is about cycling – whether on the road or on the mountainbike. The club also organizes one of the most traditional bike races, the Arber bike marathon.

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Leukämiehilfe Ostbayern e.V.

For over 15 years, Leukämiehilfe Ostbayern e.V. has been helping leukemia patients. Main goal is to improve quality of life of patients. Through counseling, sports groups or palliative care.
The Foundation, chaired by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Andreesen plans to build a patient’s home until 2017 on the grounds of the University Hospital Regensburg.

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Logo R&B KehlheimRun & Bike Kehlheim

Whether triathlon, duathlon, cycling, running or swimming. Our partner Club Run & Bike Kehlheim offers sports for every endurance athlete. And those who would like to get one. Besides events and training the club’s focus lies on youth development work.

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Tristar-RegensburgTristar Regensburg

Triathlon in Regensburg and Tristar are firmly connected. At Tristar, athletes will find everything a triathletes heart desires: training groups for every level, races, triathlon teams racing the triathlon league and much more.
The annually and traditional Triathlon Regensburg has been organized by Tristar Regensburg for 26 years now.

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TSV-LangquaidTSV Langquaid

The TSV Lanquaid has been offering traditional and modern sports for more than 100 years. About 1,500 members are training in twelve different departments. A number that makes the TSV Langquaid to one of the largest sports clubs in the district of Kelheim. Since 2013 there is also a triathlon department.

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TSV-NittenauTSV Nittenau

Tradition – sports – responsibility. These are the three guiding principles of the TSV Nittenau. The sports club was founded in 1904. By now athletes can choose between 12 different sports. Both, team or in individual sports are in its program.

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Lauftref-BALauftreff Bad Abbach e.V.

In 2004 some runners at Bad Abbach decided to team up – a new running club was born. The number of members quickly grew and now the club offers several different training groups for kids and adults.

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Fanclub Rot-Weiß 1982 e. V.

In 1982 the club started with 32 members. Today 162 ice hockey fans travel to the matches of their home club EV Regensburg, cheer for their team and celebrate with their team at home, talk and exchange opinions about ice hockey.

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