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MZ Beginner’s Triathlon

11. August 2018 - Purendure Women's Run & Purendure Kids Run Regensburg

Join us for a fantastic experience on August 11th 2018! The fourth edition of the Purendure Women’s Run will once again attract hundreds of sportive women to Regensburg old town!

The course Frauenlauf

Six kilometers through the historic streets of Regensburg, fun with your friends, a wellness lounge and a party for the whole family afterwards. The Purendure Womens Run will be a unique experience! No matter if you are a skilled runner, a beginner, a walker or if you spontaneously decide to join the run – it’s not about winning, it’s not about speed. It’s all about fun!


5.00 p.m.  >>> Start Purendure Kids Run
3.30 p.m.  >>> Start Purendure Women’s Run

For more information (in German) visit the Website of Purendure Women’s Run Regensburg.


When hundreds of perfectly prepared endurance athletes jump into the Lake Guggenberger on August 13th, and the atmosphere ist vibrant, many alongside the course might wish to also stand behind the starting line. To feel the thrill! Soak up the atmosphere! Swimming, cycling, running, on the Challenge course! This dream actually can come true for newcomers and sports enthusiasts, as the team of the Challenge Regensburg is organizing a beginner’s triathlon, on the exact day of Challenge Regensburg. The distances are easily to be managed by every healthy person. A basic fitness level is sufficient to make it to the finishline. The course – and that’s special – will follow parts of the route on which the athletes of the Challenge Regensburg are already on their way.


0,3 km – 18 km – 3 km


10.30 a.m. >>> Start


Get the chance to enjoy the Challenge-feeling without having to complete 226 kilometers and without needing special triathlon equipment! Even the race packages are similar to those of the Challenge athletes: Every newcomer will take home a swim cap, a transition bag, a finisher shirt and a medal.

It’s all about the fun – race without timing

The distances for the beginner’s race: 300 meters of swimming in Lake Guggenberger, 18 kilometers of cycling towards the city of Regensburg, and finally, three kilometers of running through the Old Town of Regensburg, which will be alive with spectators thanks to the current Challenge-race underway. The finishline for the successful newcomers will be located on Domplatz right next to the Domplatz, where the Challenge finishline is, and offers a spectacular setting for the first finish.

“The MZ Beginner’s Triathlon is all about fun. It should give newcomers the opportunity to gain an impression of triathlon, to enjoy the atmosphere. Therefore, we have decided to start the race without timing,” explains Race Director Tom Tajsich.






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