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14th Juli 2017 - Registration for Challenge Regensburg 2018 with ETU European Championship

After the German long distance Campionship in 2017, athletes can expect another highlight in 2018: the ETU European Championship. We are Read more »

11th Juli 2017 - Challenge For Two: Sonja Tajsich is looking for a relay partner – “Experience that special team spirit”

“Challenge For Two and You?” This is the motto under which the Challenge Regensburg has been looking for a relay Read more »

10th Juli 2017 - Your 2nd chance at Challenge Regensburg

Regensburg, July 10, 2017 – CHALLENGEREGENSBURG offers all triathletes who plan to race their second long distance race in 2017 with Read more »

4th Juli 2017 - Challenge Regensburg starter list

Liste as a PDF-Download (version 3.7.17)

30th Juni 2017 - Sonja Tajsich racing an international Challenge For Two team

Imagine you were a self-employed coach, you would be a successful professional triathlete, a mother of two and the volunteers Read more »

12th Februar 2017 - Interview: Markus Kratzer – Out of the wheelchair to the finish line

Markus Kratzer is a family father, full time working and an enthusiastic triathlete. What sounds quite normal is anything but self-evident for Read more »

11th Februar 2017 - Challenge Regensburg announces new partner

Regensburg, February 9th 2017 – For the second time, Challenge Regensburg will attract national and international endurance athletes to the Read more »

5th Februar 2017 - Interview with race doctor PHD Harlass-Neuking

A cold, muscle ache or back pain – some of those unfortunate things do also occur during race week. And so it happens Read more »

4th Dezember 2016 - An exclusive race with new bike course 2017

Regensburg, December 3rd 2016 – The premiere of Challenge Regensburg 2016 was a huge success. Numerous national and international Pros Read more »

29th November 2016 - Registration period for Mittelbayerische Beginner’s Triathlon and Women’s Run starts on December 1st

On December 1, 2016 the registration period for the women’s run Regensburg and the Mittelbayerische beginners triathlon starts. Both events Read more »


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