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Race Course

2.4 mile swim in Lake Guggenberger See.

The popular recreational area Lake Guggenberger See, situated eight miles south-east of Regensburg, offers athletes and spectators the perfect venue to kickof a fantastic day. Under the applause of hundreds of spectators on the nearby shore, athletes will complete the 2.4 miles swim in two loops. The water temperature in summer is usually between 22 and 24 ° C.

112 miles bikeride through the beautiful landscape of Bavarian Forest.

Starting from the Lake Guggenberger See the bike course heads towards Regensburg. With a right turn, athletes leave the university town behind and approach the first ascents at 14 kilometers in the bike leg. Not only the beautiful landscape of the Bavarian Forest Nature Park provides distraction to the athletes on this hilly part of the course, also the cheering spectators in the small villages along the way. Shortly before the highest point of the course at Brennberg, a spectator hotspot with a big party mile will give athletes strength for the last few meters of climbing.

A fast descent and a long flat passage, which is only interrupted by a short climb at the southernmost point of the course, will allow athletes to speed up, before the course leads back towards Regensburg. Directly under the impressive landmark of the „Walhalla“ at Donaustauf, athletes take the turn into the second bike lap at which end a few more kilometers along the river Danube lead to Regensburg.

Heading towards town, an impressive view of the historic old town of Regensburg is giving athletes and spectators a foretaste of the beauty of the oncoming running leg. St Peter’s Cathedral dominates the picturesque architecture and marks the place of the second transition area in the historic district „Stadtamhof“.


26.6 miles along the historic center of Regensburg.

Four loops of just over six miles, along the Danube and in the shade of the magnificent old town scenery will complete the race. Passing the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the „Steinerne Brücke“, which ist the oldest bridge in Germany, getting cheered by spectators crowding at hotspots throughout the Old Town and the joy of more quiet sections throug green parks make the runcourse special. Finish awaits the athletes in the shadow of the town’s landmark, the Dome of St.Peter. In the middle of the Cathedral Square every finisher will be welcomed with huge spactator’s applause under a magnificent setting.Laufstrecke_Stand-Juli-2015