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Interview with Challenge Regensburgs swim course leader

Posted on: Sonntag 22nd November 2015

“You can not win a race on the swim leg, but you can lose it there,” is said among ambitious triathletes. Sure, for most of the athletes not every second counts during the first discipline. Nevertheless Peter Höfele will do his best to bring all swimmers safe and sound back into T1 on August 14, 2016 – because he’s the team leader of the swim course.

The starting area on the southern shore of Lake Guggenberger and the swim course of 3.8 kilometers are his areas. The 59-year-old has taken the job as the team leader of the swim course and is now not only in close contact with authorities, water rescue services and others, but also knows his way around when it comes to buoys, kayaks and safety gates. We talked to him.

Peter Höfele
Peter Höfele

CR: Hello Mr. Höfele. You will have to get up early on August 14th, 2016. As the first gun for CHALLENGEREGENSBURG already goes at 6:30 a.m.. How did you get to take care of the organization of the first discipline?

Peter Höfele: Sonja Tajsich asked me quite some time ago during the swimming training if I was interested to help. Earlier this year then, organizer Tom Tajsich approached once again – and within the next moment I was part of the team! It’s great to know the people behind such a big race to be able to spontaneously hop by and say hello or to discuss topics face to face.

CR: What is the most fascinating about Triathlon in your opinion?

Peter Höfele: The combination of swimming, cycling and running is something very special. In training, having the choice between three sports is great of course – it is never boring.
While racing, triathlon is a challenging sport. That’s what I’ve even noticed during my Sprint Distance Triathlons. But when you succeeded, it always gives you a great feeling!

CR: What was your most extraordinary experience as a triathlete?

Peter Höfele: My very very long transition time in T1 from swimming to cycling. However, they told me afterwards, that this is not unusual when you start with Triathlon. Most of the long distance athletes will do a lot better on race day – I’m sure of that.

CR: Will you watch and learn then?

Peter Höfele: (laughs) No, I will certainly not have time for that. For me and my team at the swim course, it is important to keep track of the athletes, to keep all processes smoothly and to get all the swimmers back safely ashore. However, in cooperation with the Water Rescue Teams that will be no problem. That’s for sure.

Peter Höfele, frei
Lake Guggenberger

CR: What makes volunteering so special?

Peter Höfele: It is the sport itself, that fascinates – no matter if you are active as an athlete, as a volunteer or spectator. The willpower of the athletes – you can see it from all perspectives – is such a powerful feeling. Sucking a bit of it up and taking it back into your normal live – that’s great.

CR: What makes CHALLENGEREGENSBURG Regensburg unique ?

Peter Höfele: The highlight will surely be the spectacular finish in the Old Town in the shadow of the cathedral. I’m sure these pictures will send a powerful image of our region out to the world. But there’s so much more! If you take “my” Lake Guggenberger, for example. In summer people are coming out here to do sports, to relax, to have fun, to enjoy the scenery…