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Challenge Regensburg: Emotional moments, a defended title and a Sub9

Posted on: Sonntag 13th August 2017

“The race was fantastic from start to finish,” says the 2017 female champion Diana Riesler. The day did not begin to her taste at all: rain and cool temperatures accompanied the athletes after the swim at Lake Guggenberger in the morning onto the bike. “This was not quite as I had imagined,” said organizer Tom Tajsich, too. “However, this was the only thing that did not go according to my ideas,” he added happily.

Sieger Jan Raphael

About 1,100 athletes were sent into the race by Neutraublings Mayor Heinz Kiechle as individual racers, relay, or challenge-for-two athletes at 6:30 am. After some rain it cleared up around noon, and the leaders started their marathon through the city center of Regensburg in sunny weather.
Particularly pleasing from the Regensburg perspective: Local hero Sebastian Neef was the first to change into running shoes. “I would ‘t have expected my bike split to be that good,” the 28-year-old says. At that time he had a ten-minute lead.
Last year, he was the hunted, this year, he was the hunter: defending champion Jan Raphael arrived at T2 in second position. “I didn’t feel strong on the bike right from the start. Ten minutes behind Sebastian seemed so much that I had already arranged myself with the fight for the second place. But during the early run I realized that it was going well and then risked everything,” he summarized the further race development. With a strong 2:45 marathon, crossed the iconic finish line. Over eight minutes later, local hero Neef followed, and third place is also a well-known last year’s name: Chris Fischer.

Riesler cracks the magic nine-hour mark

While Jan Raphael, with his time of 8:02:32 got only close to the eight-hour mark, Diana Riesler put her announcement into action. “My plan was to swim fast, ride fast and run easy. In the end I had to push a bit to stay under those nine hours,” the German laughs. It was fun!,” she says.
Second-placed Simona Krivankova finished almost 35 minutes later. “I had a very tough race today,” she admits.” But Regensburg is simply special for me. After all, I finished my first triathlon here.” Erika Csomor, second of last year, became third.

Siegerin Diana Riesler

In the race for the German championship the titles went to Jan Raphael and Nina Kuhn. Riesler is not included here due to her Spanish triathlon pass. Sebastian Neef and Franziska Bossow become Vice-Champions.

Successful premier of Challenge for Two 

The two innovations of the year were already celebrated as a success as the race ran. The new bike course was as fast as expected and also brought less traffic restrictions – this conclusion came from organizers, police and representatives of the authorities alike.

Sonja Tajsich und Tom Stecher Challenge For TwoEmotional moments happened at the Challenge For Two: when Sonja Tajsich and Tom Stecher, who started in memory of last years champion Julia Viellehner, finished, a few tears were shed, organizer Tom Tajsich admitted. “Triathlon always is emotional,” admits Sonja Tajsich.



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