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Your 2nd chance at Challenge Regensburg

Posted on: Montag 10th Juli 2017

Regensburg, July 10, 2017 – CHALLENGEREGENSBURG offers all triathletes who plan to race their second long distance race in 2017 with a chance to register until the very last minute. For those who are still motivated after their first race highlight of the season, CHALLENGEREGENSBURG could turn into the grand finale of their 2017 season. A second chance for creating spectacular memories. If your first race didn’t go to plan or injury got the better of you, the team at CHALLENGEREGENSBURG offers all long distance DNF or DNS athletes a second chance.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-18 um 12.48.56“August 13 2017, the date of CHALLENGEREGENSBURG, is just the perfect time for a second attempt at racing another long distance event, whether you want to experience goose bumps for the second time in a season or seeking revenge for an unlucky season so far. The magnificent region, the great atmosphere and the unique finish line at the Cathedral will definitely offer a crowning end to the season,“ says organizer Tom Tajsich.

CHALLENGEREGENSBURG grants all athletes who have been signing up for another long distance race in the season 2017 a second chance and the opportunity to register until the very last minute.

To register contact the organizer via e-mail: susanne(at)



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