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Sonja Tajsich racing an international Challenge For Two team

Posted on: Freitag 30th Juni 2017

Imagine you were a self-employed coach, you would be a successful professional triathlete, a mother of two and the volunteers coordinator of a large event. Would you register for Challenge For Two with a friend?

Challenge Regensburg, frei
Sonja Tajsich startet bei der Challenge For Two

„Sure!,“ sajs Sonja Tajsich. „The Challenge Regensburg is such a special race for me – I just have to race,“ the Pro athlete from Regensburg laughs. In 2010, she won here as a local, last year the race hostess and freshly baked mama was racing as a relay athlete and this year she even goes for all three disciplines again. The Challenge For Two will be a training race for the 41-year-old professional athlete. After her impressive comeback this season – she was a strong second at Ironman Brazil – she puts her focus fully on the race at Hawaii in October.

„First of all, I‘m looking forward to testing the new format together with my friend Lesyl. As a team we are predestined for the format: a whole distance does not fit into our plan, instead we want to spend a great time together and enjoy the unique atmosphere at Regensburg. I‘m already excited how the race will be.“

Staffelpartnerin Lesyl Potgieter
Staffelpartnerin Lesyl Potgieter

Partner Lesyl Potgieter even takes a long journey. But for the South African it is worth it: „I am incredibly excited to return to Regensburg and race in a team with ‚Super Sonja‘!“

As for all teams, the Challenge For Two is a whole new experience for the South African and perhaps even a stepstone towards the long distance. „I am still relatively new in triathlon. I‘ve finished my first sprint distance race in 2015 (it was a disaster as I could not swim properly in open water). Meanwhile, I have completed a few local sprint and Olympic distance races in Cape Town, as well as two half distance races in South Africa. I am especially proud that I will soon be representing the Western Province team in the South African triathlon championships,“ she explains.

Firstly, however, she‘ll compete within the international Challenge For Two team: „I think it is a great race format for athletes who want to experience all three disciplines, but only race half the distance and in the same time getting a team experience in an incredible scenery, enjoying the support of the spectators and the unique eclectic atmosphere, which is so typical of long-distance events.

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